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What is a Wickelbuckle?

     A Wickelbuckle is a combination wire frame

and strap apparatus that cradles the lower bouts of a

Violin or Viola and connects to a strap that

wraps around the body.  When properly used with a shoulder

rest, it suspends the instrument and frees the head, neck, shoulders and hands, relieving tension and enabling more

relaxation and greater ease of expression while playing.  


What is a Wickelbuckle for?


    The Wickelbuckle offers many advantages to the violinist or fiddler:


           • Easily play while singing


           • Solve back, hand, shoulder and/or                        neck pain.


           • Free the head and neck for a more   expressive performance, rehearsal leading, band cue-ing etc.                                   


           •  Shift smoothly between left-hand positions,  produce vibrato without strain, clamping or tension.


          • Hear your bandmates or ensemble-mates    over your violin (not so close to your ear)


       •  Explore uncharted territory of traditional violin technique:  Bar chords, extreme position playing etc. (play like a guitarist!)


     Where can I buy one?  Do you have an online store?

Yes! click here!



      Will it help with my neck pain?


      The Wickebuckle can be useful for releiving neck pain since it frees the neck (and arms) entirely of the job of supporting the instrument when used properly with a shoulder rest.



     I'd be interested in trying one out, how would that work?  

        I could either:

a) sell you one and accept a refund minus shipping if you decide it's not for you after 30 days of receiving it 


b) we could try and coordinate a meeting at a gig or something (I travel all over the states all the time).


     will the wickelbuckle relieve me of hand pain, Arthritis etc?

        If the pain in your hand is felt as a result of holding up the instrument while playing, then the wickelbuckle should help, as it frees the left hand from bearing the weight of the instrument and you won't have to worry about using that hand for anything other purpose than fingering the notes while playing.

   Do I have to remove it every time I put it in the case?

     The wickelbuckle doesn't make your violin larger in the case.  Your volin will fit in the case with your Wickelbuckle on it!


Do I need to use a shoulder rest?

Yes, A shoulder rest is reccomended for best results



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